Download link of video tutorial : Released: March 5th, 2015 Note: To learn this tutorial, some prior knowledge is req

Posted at 2015-2-14 by Admin

For purchasing MRT products: Download link of video tutorial: Download link of P-List editor:

Posted at 2015-2-6 by Admin

In the process of data recovery, we can often encounter the cases that HDDs are locked by password. This was done by users to protect data from being illegally

Posted at 2014-12-25 by Admin

Edit P-List in seagate F3 with MRT Pro data recovery tool. In seagate F3 program, the function of editing P-List is mainly used for repairing the fault front se

Posted at 2014-12-9 by Admin

Create and write LDR in seagate F3 with MRT Pro data recovery tool. Create LDR: backup LDR from good disk (universal firmware, has slight difference with factor

Posted at 2014-12-9 by Admin

In recent upgrade, new features have been added to MRT seagate and DE modules. Its ability of repair disk and recover data with MRT was greatly enhanced. So we

Posted at 2014-10-20 by Admin
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