Video download link : First we need to correct the name used in the video. The correct name of this function is factor

Posted at 2017-7-25 by Admin

Tutorial download link : The tutorial is demonstrating auto-adaptation of 6-generation HDDs 12-generation HDDs a

Posted at 2016-10-28 by Admin

Tutorial download link: Some new models of seagate HDDs, such as DM001, DM003, as well as triangle-board HDDs, have

Posted at 2016-10-28 by Admin

MRT adds a new function for HDD repair in the latest version of software. With this function, u sers can add bad tracks to module 03 directly and then recalcula

Posted at 2016-8-26 by Admin

Video Tutorial of MRT seagate F3 Shielding Head Download link of video tutorial : Released Date: Feb. 22th, 2016 For

Posted at 2016-2-3 by Admin

Download link of video tutorial : Released: March 5th, 2015 When bad tracks appear regularly in hard drive, ther

Posted at 2015-2-14 by Admin
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