The difference between blue disk, black disk and green disk of WD

speed and silent which called by Tom’s Hardware Guide is everywhere in HDD industry. Our Whisper Drive technology could low the noise into the level of human hearing threshold. In order to low seeking noise, Soft Seek technology simplify read and write seeking algorithms and improved operating efficiency.
No Touch ramp load technology - The recording head never touch the disk media to ensure minimize the wear of the recording head and media and provide better protection in transportation.
Intelli Seek technology - Calculates optimum speeds to lower power consumption, noise and vibration. (Provide 120 GB and higher capacity)
Compatibility – we tested hundreds of systems and many platforms in FIT Lab and mobile communication Lab to make users believe our HDDs could well run in their system. It is suitable for home and business computing. How does these WD HDDs protect your data? Data Lifeguard is a senior data protecting functions, which including anti-vibration, environmental protection system, real-time embedded error protection and repair function. Data Lifeguard technology of WD could automatically find, isolation and repair problems which may caused by HDD overused.
Data Lifeguard Tools is software tools specially design for WD HDDs, it could cooperate with embedded Data Liftguard tools and make HDD installed, diagnosed and repaired easy. Short Guard real time protect HDD against damage from the instant bumps and vibrations when running. This technology enables WD Caviar drives to achieve industry-leading shock specifications.


Green disk
Environmental protection, silent, low heat, save power, common performance, Automatic adjust speed between 5400 to 7200
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Code: With the increase in hard drive capacity, the energy required also increased. WD Caviar Green HDD could built higher capacity and performance stable coordinated system for customers who pay attention to environmental protection. The system is reliabled and pay attention to environmental protection
Main features
Reduce power consumption – WD use its Intelli Seek, No Touch and Intelli Power technologies reduced power consumption, lower than the maximum of 40% of the standard desktop drives.
Auxiliary equipments make environmental protection PC become possible, compare to desktop products, power consumption of every WD Caviar green HDD can save 4 to 5 watts. When customers who pay attention to save energy build large capacity system, it could earn the balance of system performance, reliability and energy saving features.
Low heat, silent – WD Green Power technology can make operating temperature lower, so the reliability is higher and reduced noise lower, it is suitable for varies PC and external HDD.
Large capacity – The highest capacity is 2 TB, it provides most available capacity for operation systems of various storage-intensive programs and Window Vista grade consumption space, the rest space can be used to store photos, music and videos.
Best choice for external HDD- External HDD manufacturers needn’t install cooling devices when use its large capacity products, WD Caviar Green HDDs have lowest heat and minimum noise.
Intelli Power technology – Speed, data transfer rate and the precise balance of caching algorithm. It aims to achieve significant energy savings and solid performance.

Intelli Seek technology – Calculate the best data search speed, reduce power waste, noise and vibration.
No Touch ramp load technology - The recording head never touch the disk media to ensure minimize the wear of the recording head and media and provide better protection in transportation.
PMR – Use PMR technology to realize h
igher surface density.

Stable Trac - The motor shaft at both ends are fixed to reduce fibrillation of system operation and stabilize platters, so that you could seek track accurately when read and write.
Running low power consumption - WD Caviar Green HDDs have lower power consumption when started and the lower in peak load.
Advanced power technology - Electronic components have best-low power consumption and suitable for the requirement of low power consumption, it has higher reliability. It suitable for environment friendly PC and external storage devices which need lower power consumption, lower heat to run and less operating noise.


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