Seagate F3 series red and green blocks bad tracks repair primary video tutorials

Seagate F3 series red and green blocks bad tracks repair primary video tutorials

The video tutorial is divided into two parts.

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Follow is brief introduction of contents:

    When we repair Seagate F3 series HDDs (such as 7200.11 or 7200.12 and so on), we have a big problem that it is hard to repair bad tracks and red and green blocks. Bad blocks can be divided into 2 kinds, one is logical bad block, and the other is physical bad block. For logical bad block, it can be repaired by using m command to low level format HDDs, but we all know that for physical bad blocks, low level format’s function is limited.

   In fact, if Seagate F3 HDD has many bad tracks, it general has two situations:
One is disk scratch, so it leads to lots of physical bad tracks. And the other is head performance bad, it leads to regular bad tracks and red and green blocks. It is believed that you have many .11 or .12 HDDs have two situations above. So, how to deal with these situations? MRT laboratory is always devoted to HDD firmware research and develop MRT data recovery tools, we test many Seagate HDDs and summarize follow methods:

1. For the first situation disk has defect, that is to say it has physical bad tracks, the correct solution is put all bad blocks into HDD defects table . After bad blocks are put into HDD defects table, these red and green blocks will be hidden completely, in this way there has no red and green block, scan it and you can get a good HDD.
2. For the second situation, that is to say head performance bad, it leads all sectors which the head control will become red and green blocks or unreadable. Due to disk doesn’t have physical bad blocks, so put them into defects table is not a suitable way. For head performance bad HDD, the only effective solution is kills head. Kill the bad head, the rest capacity can be used normally.

   For the solution of Seagate F3 kill head, MRT laboratory will introduce related resources next time. The file is mainly deal with the first situation, which is how to put red and green blocks into defects table. We made video tutorial and file, click the link above and download it. In addition, repair red and green blocks are mainly having three steps:
1. Scan and record defects
2. Write the scanned defects into HDD
3. Start factory repair process by MRT software and so on
After factory repair, Bad tracks have been killed successfully. The detail resources and video tutorial refer to the file in the link. It has a great effect to repair red and green blocks and it could deal with bad tracks which m command low level format couldn’t repair. We can notice that the whole repair process doesn’t include any m command.

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