Introduction of MRT Data Recovery Software 20160528 Version

ful. The heads are not actually shielded if the number of head doesn’t decrease, and that does not mean repairing successfully. Shielding head 0 means to close head 0 totally and write the firmware to head 1 so the HDD will boot from head 1. Otherwise, it doesn’t shield head 0 and redefine the main head successfully. MRT can shield head 0 and write the firmware to the rest good heads when head 0 is damaged or ticking, or when the HDD failed to boot or execute any commands. MRT is the first software that supports head shielding of Generation 12 and is copied by other software. In the next upgrade, we will upgrade the function of head shielding of Generation 11 and notebook hard drive. Our innovation ability will never be copied by other software although they can copy our new functions. 

As for Western Digital utility, several useful functions of editing RAM are added. Users can edit module 01, SA range, mode and so on. SA range and module 01 editing in RAM provide a new way of HDD repair. For example, when the disk is busy after loading the LDR, we can edit module 01 address in RAM and load the LDR again, then search the SA and diagnose the malfunction of disk. What’s more, we optimize the the support of self test for HDD with PCB version newer than 1640 version and add the function of viewing the HDD zone allocation, which can be used to view the relevant information about self test.

For Samsung utility, the function of HDD capacity editing has been added, which makes it convenient to edit the HDD capacity. In addition, password checking, SA track erasing and S-list rebuilding are added as well.
As for disk scanning tools, HDD self test, cyclic NOP sending and quick test are also enabled. Standard ATA command will be sent when doing HDD self test, by which we can know the general condition of HDD. And when sending NOP command cyclically, the HDD will do nothing (not reading or writing data) but keep spinning. By quick test function, status of certain LBA can be detected. This function has three modes, mainly including two test methods of getting LBA by average distribution and randomly getting LBA with increasing sequence. This function of quick test can be achieved by flexibly using the two test methods.

Database access setting has been added to database management tools. With this function, specified database can be connected. The function of file and folder search can be used to search the data we want. What’s more, another function, database back-up, can be applied to backup the database.

For Fujitsu utility, module structure test, RAM module reading/writing and SA self-test are added to help users better test the status of HDD firmware. 

For more upgrade information, please pay attention to the upgrade log. MRT will keep innovating and bring better product and service to customers!


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