MRT has been upgraded to the latest official version, and the new version number is The download address of the new version is: Both Express and Ultra download software from the above address Thi

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With the arrival of Chinese New Year, MRT will be in holiday from 21st to 30thJan. MRT wish you a happy Spring Festival!

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Dear customers, With the increase of users demand for SSD functions,MRT decided to invest a lot of manpower and material resources on SSD in the later stage to better meet the majority of users demand for SSD. Now MRT decided to fully adjust SSD mod

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Dear MRT users, kindly notice that MRT Lab will be closed from 30th, August to 2nd, September for our company team building holiday, we will be back on 3rd, September. During holiday, users can still use online recharge to renew their devices. If you

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The upgrade consists of two sections : SSD u tility activation and software upgrade . Compared with previous upgrades, this time we released two upgrade packages: and Why two packages: Ver. is the full version with all ut

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This article will present you major upgrades of the new version 2.1.4.x about the global interactive experience , and show you the detailed process of how we have worked on it. Remaining problems: We know that MRT (our name comes from Maxtor Repa

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I believe that everyone is eager to get a glimpse of the upcoming MRT release. This article will review the major upgrades of MRT for a pilot interpretation with screenshots of CN alpha version . This update is 2.1.4.x, please wait for the official

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Dear users, Thank you very much for your long-term support. MRT data recovery products Black Friday Christmas sale is coming! Time: From November28th, 2018toDecember 28th, 2018(Beijing timeGMT +8, based on the arrival time of payment).Please note tha

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